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    時間:2020-09-27 14:10:05 作者:admin


      dear handan xx hospital leadership:

      hello! thank you for taking the time to start my cover letter, i was a series of guiyang medical college, in clinical medicine (in the direction of integrative medicine) XX final year students.

      after six years of university study north, south to medical school, with strict professional attitude of humility, the spirit of benevolence doctor\s professional ethics, to be with a teacher\s guidance, i believe i can go to outstanding clinicians and acupuncturists direction .

      heard so much about your hospital is the professional medical standards, skilled treatment techniques, quality service attitude to social recognition. your hospital keep the entrepreneurial spirit, comfortable and harmonious working environment, teachers and teaching methods, the pursuit of doctors who benevolence of the concept makes me very professional admiration. want to be the embodiment of one of them, the platform for a common philosophy and firm to complete their chosen career.

      my academic performance are in the upper reaches. western medicine more than the range of learning english, can accommodate complicated, break the routine, but creative. i examination capability may not be superior, but music in scholarship, and constantly self-charging.

      school nearly six set, the initial conditions into the clinician\s basic quality. while in practice, combined with clinical, self-study auricular acupuncture therapy to the number of patients during treatment, and achieved a certain effect, received more profound study of the body\s career in medicine doctor benevolence way.

      monsanto hospital of guangxi during his medical clinic with the teacher trainee, preliminary master of acupuncture techniques in the treatment of patients up to 200 people, familiar with common medical and acupuncture, to broaden the thinking; in western guangxi university affiliated ruikang hospital internship, master of the clinical basic skills and diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, and understand the thinking of clinical syndrome differentiation and communication skills with patients; in addition, in lucky and china, the chinese game centers and other large companies planning cooperative projects, so i create a more systematic and comprehensive way of thinking and and social, interpersonal, communication a certain ability to the company; to beijing to study the experience of well-known colleges and universities to enrich the reading, and learned to take it lightly in the face of setbacks capacity. i believe these make the work can be multi-faceted thinking, flexible, coordinated approach teamwork and interpersonal relations.

      today, the health care system, physician-patient relationship in the continuous improvement in the period there will be complex and diverse temporary, doctors face not only the treatment of diseases, as well as a range of issues, so responsible, thinking, jumping, insight, patience and strong adaptability, i, acupuncture, medical psychology, environmental, and planning editorial photography, yoga is my specialty. practice of doctors who have been hoping to line benevolence concept in the medical profession as a physician-patient multi-seeking related to each other needs. sincerely hope that under your leadership for this worthy cause aggressive.

      finally, please accept my most sincere gratitude, i wish success in your work!



      zijian: wang xx

      in january 20xx xx xx day

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